Spiritual Services

Are you feeling stuck or stagnant? Needing to find some clarity and a sense of direction in life? Perhaps you could use a cord cutting or space clearing? Or maybe a relaxing and revitalizing energy session? Whatever your needs The Gypsy Sea Witch offers a wide variety of services both remotely (phone or skype sessions) or locally in the SWFL area!

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  • 15 Min Phone/Skype Session
  • $ 40 /15 min
    • Quick and easy!
    • Can be done anywhere
    • Get the answers you need
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  • 30 min Phone/Skype Sessions
  • $ 60 /30 min
    • Better Value!
    • Ask more questions!
    • More time to discuss issues
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  • 45 Minute Phone/Skype Session
  • S 80 /45 min
    • Even Better deal!
    • Find out what the signs mean!
    • Get your questions answered today!
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  • 60 Minute Phone/Skype Session
  • S 90 /60 min
    • Our Best Deal!
    • Take your time to get your answers!
    • Get your questions answered today!
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  • Space Clearing
  • $ 120 /Monthly
    • Cleanse and clear negative or stagnant energies
    • Set clear intentions for the energy we want to bringing in
    • Reclaim your space from guest, housemates, or co-workers who may be a little “energetically heavy”
    • Learn how to properly maintain your newly cleared space
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  • Marriage Ceremony
  • $ 200 /Per Ceremony
  • Are you interested in having a thoughtful, intuitively guided and intention filled marriage ceremony? With The Gypsy Sea Witch you have the ability to completely customize your ceremony to meet your style and needs. Nikki Marie, The Gypsy Sea Witch, is a legally Ordained Minister in the State of Florida and has enjoyed being able to be a unique and important part of her clients very special day. ($200 starting price)
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  • Crystal Bowl Meditations
  • $ 20 /Per Class
    • Connect with your Higher Self
    • Balance & Realign your Chakra’s
    • Help your Brain to switch to deeper place of consciousness
    • Great tool to disconnect from the World’s distractions
    • Experience Sonic Healing

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