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Meet Nikki Marie

Born in Teaneck, NJ but raised in Naples, FL, Nikki Marie has spent most of her life navigating her own Spiritual Journey through her experience both professionally as well as personally, at moments immersing herself in knowledge, and connecting with some really amazing people from all walks of life along the way.

She has been blessed throughout this journey to find herself guided to the people places and spaces who were able to teach her, guide her, inspire her, and assist her in her own Spiritual Journey as well as placing her in alignment with what she believes is her life’s purpose, assisting her hundreds of clients, students and countless customers on their own Spiritual Journey, whatever that may be.

Incorporating a little of everything that resonated for her, she has developed her own natural Claircognitive abilities and enjoys being able to connect with clients from across the country by connecting them to their crossed over loved ones, assisting them on enhancing their own connection to Spirit and is honored to be able to be the tool to sometimes help her clients in moments of difficulty or when they find themselves feeling “stuck”. Through her work and experiences as a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Advisor, Space Clearing Consultant, Intuitive Business Consultant, Spiritual Musician, Diksha Blessing Giver, Ordained Minister, as well as, and maybe most importantly a Mommy, a Daughter, a Sister and a Friend she has found a true passion and love for all things spiritual and metaphysical and is excited for the opportunity to share some of her favorite tools, tips, and tricks along the way.

Nikki is available for private session both over the phone and in person.


I was trying to process my grief from losing a loved one and didn't know where to start. I walked into a metaphysical store where I met Nicole. I started attending her meditation classes and I can't even begin to describe just how incredible this experience has been. Its been over 2 years now and I'm so grateful to have her as a part of my journey. I always leave her classes knowing it was exactly what I needed.

Miucha Penetra

Nicole has a very calming energy. The crystal bowls help to soothe and massage the spirit. I also felt relaxed and energized. The meditation helps to open my eyes spiritually. The spiritual messages Nicole gives after are also very insightful.

Lisa A. Joseph

“The way I came to meet Nicole was definitely divinely guided. My aunt and I were driving while on vacation in Florida and saw a place for psychic readings along side of the road so we decided to stop. It was actually closed which I was happy about because something didn't feel quite right about the place. What that stop did do however was spark the interest in my aunt to find a place she could get a reading. I searched online and while browsing places I came across an amazing place and was totally drawn to Nicole. I called to see if she in for readings that's day and they said no but someone else was. I told my aunt she should still book a session for her but the woman I wanted to see wasn't there though j would go along anyway. When we got there I started chatting with the woman that was working while my aunt got her reading and come to find out through conversation, it was Nicole. Talk about Divine guidance! I knew I needed to book a session with her. Once I was back home I booked a phone session and to say it was powerful is a complete understatement! I have had readings from many others in the past and they were mostly prompted by several questions or me sharing my story first. This wasn't the case with Nicole. She got right to it, the second we connected that she was getting a lot of information and messages for me. I just listened and she was spot on with it all! I did end up asking a couple questions as we got further in and her answers were very accurate. Everything she picked up on was complete truth and confirmed several things I had been contemplating. Her delivery of every message was filled with so much compassion. I remember thinking, 'she is the real deal'. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone wishing to receive messages and guidance on their life path. I can honestly say that aside from my own personal intuitive, Nicole is the only one I trust going to when I need some added guidance or any confirmation on my journey! Thank you Nicole, you truly are a blessing to this world!”

Jamie Camps Duluth, MN

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