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Crystals are some of the most popular and powerful spiritual tools sold in any Spiritual Center or Metaphysical Shop. They should carefully selected by hand to offer the highest quality of beauty and energy to each and every customer or client who chooses to take one home. With hundreds of beautiful stones to choose from how do you know which is best suited for you?? And why?

When choosing the best crystals for you to work with on any given day the best advice I can give is to not overthink the process. Sure you can study all of the stones, their meanings and potential uses, their “powers”, place of origin and all that goes along with a geology lesson or you can learn to TRUST your inner guidance. Now don’t get me wrong, knowledge is power and one of my passions is educating my clients and customers on crystals because they have played such an important part in my own Spiritual Journey. But not everyone has the time, patience, or memory capacity to retain all of that information. So when you are looking at a selection of stones, either in a store, online OR at home simply close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, center yourself, and allow yourself to naturally be guided.

Your Guides will communicate with you in whatever way it is that you can best “hear” them. It may come in the form of a feeling or a drawing to, It may be that one stone in particular looks most beautiful on that given day, or sometimes they may just jump right off the table or someone may randomly gift it to you. At any rate, be sure to not judge whatever your process may be. Just because it doesn’t feel like magic doesn’t mean it isn’t magic.

Below I have included the descriptions and my interpretation for 3 stones I shared on our Instagram and Facebook page. Feel free to give it whirl and see if what you  are naturally drawn to resonates for you…. Enjoy!!

A. Fire Agate– This beautiful variation of Agate is an excellent tool when working on increasing your creativity, birthing new opportunities, and increasing passion in all areas of life. Fire Agate is known for its natural grounding properties and makes a great shield against negative energy. It actually assists its users in sending negative energy back to its place of origin and naturally increases the bodies energetic defense system. Fire Agate us also believed to assist in the healing of reproductive disorders while increasing fertility as well as sex drive.

Reading “If you selected A chances are that you are finding yourself in a bit of a creative block and it may be prohibiting you from properly manifesting what it is you are working on. Remember that if all we do is focus on the upper chakras we will find ourselves flooded with amazing ideas and inspirations but if we do not spend time working on the lower chakras as well we will have a really hard time bringing those visions into reality. By working with Fire Agate you can work on removing blockages in your sacral chakra and you can work on harnessing those ideas and birthing them into life!”

B. Rhodonite– This beautiful stone is full of love and light and is an excellent tool in working with one’s Heart Chakra. This stone has the powerful ability to assist in moving past emotional pain as well as bringing one back to one’s center in times of stress or turmoil. It can increase the love we send out into the World and has been known to increase Universal love. It has been known to assist with anxiety, depression, protection against jealousy or envy, and is an excellent choice during a period of grief.

Reading ” If you selected B it is time to BREATHE!!!!! Whooo…… heavy stuff going on here. Take some time for yourself today to refocus on you and on filling yourself with LOVE <3 You have been running around all over the place trying to balance and do everything for everyone else and right now YOU need YOU. Remember that you are loved even in the moments where you struggle to love yourself and that without filling your light first you will have no light to share. The World will go on without you needing to micromanage it. LET IT GO……. breathe and believe.”

C. Chrysoprase– The gentle energy of this joyful stone make it the perfect tool to aid in working on one’s Heart Chakra. It has been known to assist in healing from past emotional traumas as well as increasing one’s joy and their ability to share that joy with the World. It is an excellent choice when manifesting love or prosperity and can assist in aligning one to the “Divine Truth”

Reading ” If you selected C you should give yourself a pat on back. The energies lately haven’t been the easiest to navigate through but you have managed to remain calm, centered, and full of JOY. You have been working hard on feeding your personal connections to Spirit as well as to the World around you and you have been raising your vibration simply by being you. Kudos to you!! Keep sharing, keep spreading your light and when things get heavy, because they always do, remember that the good wouldn’t feel so good without knowing the bad. For now enjoy and continue to feed your light…… you never know when it may be lighting the way for others as well”

Love & Light,

Nikki Marie, The Gypsy Sea Witch




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